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Meet the Team

Deepak Verma

Managing Director

Sobha Rawat

Sr. Affiliate Manager

Neha Deshmukh

Jr. Affiliate Manager

History of Vellko


Vellko began its journey as a performance marketing agency with just 4 individuals united by a single vision. With time and effort, they expanded their horizons, giving rise to Vellko, a sister company born from the same entrepreneurial spirit. 


Vellko expanded its services to include email marketing, achieving success with impactful campaigns and a dedicated team. This strategic expansion played a pivotal role in propelling their growth and success in the competitive market. 


Vellko made its mark on the global stage by actively participating in prominent world conferences. During the Affiliate World Summit in Dubai 2022, the team forged valuable connections and left a lasting impression.

2023 (Present)

Vellko continues to expand its global presence by participating in the prestigious Affiliate Summit in Barcelona 2023. The team’s active involvement in the event allowed them to connect with industry leaders, share insights, and explore potential partnerships.