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Web Hosting

Photo Editor

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Search engine optimization and marketing emphasizing online threat prevention will generate quality leads for antivirus software vendors.


We'll attract foreign tourists seeking privacy and security by posting VPN advice on tech sites and forums.

Web Hosting

We'll link web designers and site owners with hosting firms to manage their online presence through social media campaigns promoting professional hosting.

Photo Editor

Get quality graphic designer leads looking for affordable and comprehensive photo editing tools through SEO-optimized articles and Google Ads.

PDF/Word Converter

Our goal-oriented strategies, like sharing file format and conversion software information via email and industry websites, will create leads and enhance your ROI.

Strategies Vellko Experts Use To Direct the Right Audience

Harness the power of following tools to take your business to new heights


Implement drip campaigns and lead magnets. Segmented emails, value-packed content, and time-triggered sequences guide prospects to software solutions and conversions with Vellko.


On-page optimization like keyword-rich FAQs and off-page activities like links from high authority tech blogs aim to rank well for commercial intent searches.

Social Media

Paid campaigns target hashtags and interest groups to promote featured deals and trial offers. Engaging follow-up retargeting encourages sharing for greater reach and exposure.

Native Ads

Vellko's native ads, featuring interactive elements and compelling narratives, draw in users seeking software solutions, driving leads genuinely interested in converting.

Search Engine Ads

Vellko specializes in dynamic and remarketing ads. Customized remarketing campaigns promote personalized software solutions, draw in interest, and increase qualified prospects.

Partner Publishers

Strategic alliances allow cross-promotion of each other's featured offers and resources, multiplying our combined audience reach.

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Lead Distribution Process

Our AI-powered distribution process precisely matches the lead profile you require

Our Properties

We possess hundreds of properties to generate high-quality leads and verified opt-ins

Solar Help

Solar Help simplifies your switch to solar power by connecting you with trusted local installers. Benefit from easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and substantial energy savings. Embrace a sustainable future effortlessly with Solar Help.

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MainVPS is a hosting platform that provides various hosting server solutions. We generate e-commerce and software sales through our funnel. Partner with us for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and successful sales results.

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Fast Loan US

Fast loan US stands as a top-tier platform for high-quality payday loan leads, leveraging extensive research and a global lender network. Trusted by over a million monthly requests, we connect individuals with tailored funding solutions, ensuring a seamless and informed borrowing experience. 

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Main VPN (Free Trial)

MainVPN offers top-tier security and unrestricted browsing globally, prioritizing user privacy with a no-log policy and cutting-edge encryption. 

Norton – a global leader in cybersecurity

Trusted by millions, Norton goes beyond device security, offering identity protection and online privacy to empower you in the digital landscape. Say hello to a safer, worry-free online experience with Norton’s commitment to Cyber Safety. 


McAfee leads the way in global online protection, focusing on safeguarding individuals and families rather than just devices. With integrated, adaptable solutions, McAfee empowers users to confidently navigate the digital world. 


Secure your online presence with NordVPN, ensuring safer browsing with malware detection and ad blocking. Choose NordVPN for device protection, threat monitoring, and encrypted file storage across multiple platforms. 

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Vellko specializes in generating quality leads for various software categories. Our strategies prioritize online threat prevention for antivirus vendors and cater to specific needs in other software categories, ensuring targeted lead potential.

Vellko utilizes search engine optimization and marketing, emphasizing online threat prevention, to generate quality leads for antivirus software vendors. Our approach is customized for other software categories, ensuring effective lead generation.

Our strategies are precisely tailored to cater to various software categories, emphasizing specific functionalities in each, such as security for VPNs, hosting features for web hosting, editing tools for photo editors, and conversion capabilities for PDF/Word converters.

Yes, Vellko ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations in its lead generation process. Our strategies adhere to ethical guidelines, focusing on transparency and adherence to legal frameworks.