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Tailored Strategies to Get quality leads for Dating






Online Dating

Our experts help to identify the quality leads with similar interests as your brand to become a part of your customer base.


Get high-intent prospects interested in live webcam chat with strangers, increase the customer base for your webcam-based virtual dating service.

Casual Dating

By creating engaging posts on social media, Vellko experts will create brand awareness and enhance online exposure among youth with similar interests.

Adult Dating

Our experts will drive the right target audience and improve productivity by leveraging quality data, advanced analytics tools, and insights.


Find the best line of action to reach your target audience in the mainstream dating by having your alternatives reviewed.

The Recipe to Generate Leads

Strategies to generate leads for your dating businesses. 


Advance your email marketing strategy to generate high-quality leads and increase your revenue faster.


Get reliable and quality leads for your company which helps you increase your ROI using cutting-edge SEO techniques.

Social Media

Get qualified leads for your company by promoting through creative and engaging posts on social media.

Native Ads

Get hundreds of suitable leads for fair CPLs by employing native advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Ads

Precisely positioning the ads on the search engine will help to enhance your business’ online exposure and acquire high-quality leads.

Partner Publishers

Regarding performance partners, Vellko digs deep to provide superior leads for your company.

Our Performance States

Our exceptional results demonstrate our expertise in lead generation

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Lead Distribution Process

Our AI-powered distribution process precisely matches the lead profile you require

Our Properties

We possess hundreds of properties to generate high-quality leads and verified opt-ins

Solar Help

Solar Help simplifies your switch to solar power by connecting you with trusted local installers. Benefit from easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and substantial energy savings. Embrace a sustainable future effortlessly with Solar Help.

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MainVPS is a hosting platform that provides various hosting server solutions. We generate e-commerce and software sales through our funnel. Partner with us for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and successful sales results.

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Fast Loan US

Fast loan US stands as a top-tier platform for high-quality payday loan leads, leveraging extensive research and a global lender network. Trusted by over a million monthly requests, we connect individuals with tailored funding solutions, ensuring a seamless and informed borrowing experience. 

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Offers we are Already running

Industry leaders rely on us for high-quality leads that drive sales volume

Our Products

A trusted Christian dating site

With over 25,000 marriages, it become a reliable platform for singles seeking Christ-centered relationships. It prioritizes diverse matching and a supportive online community. 

No. 1 dating platform for meaningful connections

With over 2 million love stories, its matching making compatibility helps you find quality matches. Access dating advice, diverse dating pools, and a 24/7 support team, all tailored to help you find your ideal partner. 

No. 1 dating platform for meaningful connections

NoOneSingle is a popular dating website where connections blossom! Join a vibrant community seeking genuine relationships. Discover love and companionship that transcends being single. 

A premier global dating platform

Making romantic connections across 32 countries by offering advanced technology and diverse user base. Explore cross-cultural relationships and start meaningful connections for singles! 

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Companies That trust us

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We’ve got you covered

We use targeted online ads, content marketing, affiliate partnerships, and social media campaigns to attract people interested in dating. Then, we connect these leads to different dating platforms.

We utilize social media, search engine ads, content (like blogs and videos), email marketing, and partnerships with relevant websites to find people interested in dating services.

Quality assurance is crucial. We employ strict verification processes and filters to meet criteria set by dating service providers, validating user information and interest in dating services.

Continuous analysis and optimization are key. We regularly assess and refine our strategies to ensure our leads stay relevant and high-quality for dating service providers.