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Audio Books



Audio Books

Vellko will bring in active listeners of audiobooks by effective strategies centered on encouraging people to join up for free trials and subscriptions.


Vellko will help acquire new subscribers to your e-magazine by implementing data-driven multi-channel strategies to generate leads and convert them.


Lead generation for entertainment platforms may be accomplished through social media advertisements, influencer collaborations, and other paid engagement-oriented efforts.

Comprehensive Strategies Attracting New Leads

Strategies we utilize to get high-intent leads


Implementing targeted drip campaigns, free trial promotions, and other strategies are recommended to increase traffic.


Vellko uses keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, and rich content. It boosts organic traffic and conversions for trial and subscription services.

Social Media

Reach interested audiences by running targeted paid advertising campaigns, partnering with relevant influencers, and much more.

Native Ads

Precision targeting enhances ad relevancy, directing interested consumers to your products.

Search Engine Ads

Vellko's search advertising uses keyword bidding and compelling ad copy to drive conversion rates

Partner Publishers

Partnership with publications will help promote your business to their engaged audience base.

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Lead Distribution Process

Our AI-powered distribution process precisely matches the lead profile you require

Our Properties

We possess hundreds of properties to generate high-quality leads and verified opt-ins

Solar Help

Solar Help simplifies your switch to solar power by connecting you with trusted local installers. Benefit from easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and substantial energy savings. Embrace a sustainable future effortlessly with Solar Help.

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MainVPS is a hosting platform that provides various hosting server solutions. We generate e-commerce and software sales through our funnel. Partner with us for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and successful sales results.

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Fast Loan US

Fast loan US stands as a top-tier platform for high-quality payday loan leads, leveraging extensive research and a global lender network. Trusted by over a million monthly requests, we connect individuals with tailored funding solutions, ensuring a seamless and informed borrowing experience. 

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Experience the magic of storytelling on the go with Audiobooks.com. Enjoy savings on prepaid and gift subscriptions, bringing the joy of books to your daily life. Join book and tech enthusiasts in a unique audiobook journey since 2012. 

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Walmart is world’s largest retail corporations, known for its extensive network of stores across 19 countries. It’s commitment extends beyond retail, emphasizing sustainability, diversity, and community involvement, shaping the way people shop. 

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Netflix, a pioneer in streaming, redefines home entertainment with a vast library of original content and user-friendly accessibility. From acclaimed series to diverse films, its innovative approach has reshaped how audiences worldwide experience

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McDonald’s, a global fast-food giant, is celebrated for its iconic golden arches and a diverse menu that spans continents. Beyond its culinary offerings, It has become a cultural mainstay, delivering a familiar and comforting experience to millions worldwide. 

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Vellko employs effective strategies centred on encouraging people to join up for free trials and subscriptions, bringing in active listeners of audiobooks, and engaging audiences in other entertainment categories.

Vellko employs diverse strategies like targeted email campaigns, SEO practices, social media engagement, native advertising, search engine ads, and partnerships with publishers to attract new leads for trial and subscription services.

Yes, Vellko ensures the effectiveness of its lead generation strategies by implementing a diverse range of methods tailored for each category, maximizing conversion rates, and enhancing client bases.

Vellko has a dedicated compliance team that monitors legal frameworks, ensuring adherence to data privacy laws and ethical guidelines throughout the lead-generation process for trial and subscription services.