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Gift Cards

Gift card can increase your sales through social media and other promotion. It can connect potential consumers to your store for purchases and increase your productivity.

Electricals & Electronics

Your items will reach the proper audience with proper advertisement strategy. Our goal-oriented strategies will ensure quality high-traffic diverted to your e-commerce website.


Quality leads come to you interested when we promote your company’s collections through trendy interior design photographs and social media posts.


Vellko experts showcase your cosmetics brand to improve customer engagement, and interested buyers will be directed to your store.

Home Décor

Vellko publishes posts regarding home accessories, art, and seasonal décor on social media platforms to create brand awareness.


We use fashion trends and outfit inspiration online to connect customers to your e-commerce to purchase from your clothing collections.

Different Approaches to Enhance Sales

Get Fruitful Results Through Following Strategies


Vellko's tailored emails highlight gift ideas, electronics, or decor. Exclusive deals and offer emails can improve conversion rates.


SEO strategies optimize product pages, blog content, and website usability to attract customers from search engines.

Social Media

Promoting on social media with engaging and creative posts enhances online exposure.

Native Ads

Partner with publishers to advertise relevant products as sponsored content to engage site visitors.

Search Engine Ads

Higher ranking ads on search engines like Google ensures the company gets clicks from customers actively searching.

Partner Publishers

Collaborate with influencers and publishers to advertise on their websites, blogs/newsletters to leverage their existing engaged audiences.

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Lead Distribution Process

Strategies to generate leads for your dating businesses. 

Our Properties

We possess hundreds of properties to generate high-quality leads and verified opt-ins

Solar Help

Solar Help simplifies your switch to solar power by connecting you with trusted local installers. Benefit from easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and substantial energy savings. Embrace a sustainable future effortlessly with Solar Help.

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MainVPS is a hosting platform that provides various hosting server solutions. We generate e-commerce and software sales through our funnel. Partner with us for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and successful sales results.

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Fast Loan US

Fast loan US stands as a top-tier platform for high-quality payday loan leads, leveraging extensive research and a global lender network. Trusted by over a million monthly requests, we connect individuals with tailored funding solutions, ensuring a seamless and informed borrowing experience. 

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Offers we are Already running

Industry leaders rely on us for high-quality leads that drive sales volume

Our Products

Easy Canvas

Discover unbeatable deals on EasyCanvasPrints, transforming your memories into stunning wall art. Explore exclusive discounts and elevate your space with personalized canvases at! 

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Discover the power of Lume Deodorant—clinically proven, pH-optimized, and outrageously effective. Transforming your body confidence with science-backed solutions at Lume Deodorant.

Engineered with three premium foam layers, they provide optimal support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation for a restful night’s sleep. With easy delivery, a 365-night trial, and a lifetime warranty, Lull ensures quality rest. 


Harry’s offers precision-engineered razors with high-quality blades and a trial offer featuring their latest premium handle, ensuring a comfortable, close shave. 

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We’ve got you covered

Vellko collaborates closely with e-commerce enterprises to understand their goals and audiences. Our strategies leverage tailored emails, SEO optimization, engaging social media posts, native ads, search engine ads, and partnerships with publishers to align with business objectives and yield impactful results in sales enhancement.

Vellko caters to diverse e-commerce sectors such as gift cards, electronics, furniture, cosmetics, home decor, apparel, and utensils/crockery, employing specific strategies to enhance sales in each category.

Vellko’s strategies leverage gift cards for promotions across social media and other platforms, effectively connecting potential consumers to your store, and thereby increasing sales and overall productivity for your e-commerce venture.

Yes, Vellko adheres to industry standards and regulations in the e-commerce sector, ensuring ethical practices and legal compliance while enhancing sales and productivity for your e-commerce venture.